Sustainable market growth based on innovative and ecological technologies outlines the goals of the company. BCC 95 Ltd. is ambitiously introducing advanced equipment to enhance its productivity, improve quality and add value to its products.


The company objectives are to respond flexibly to market dynamics and offer superior quality at competitive price to meet customer demand. By investing in innovative equipment BCC 95 Ltd. aims to diversify its service range and maintain its competitive edge in the long run.

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Social responsibility

BCC 95 Ltd. has a reputation of a socially-responsible employer and makes dedicated efforts to maintain a safe working environment. The company is focused on building strong trade relationships by providing outstanding product quality and customer service to its partners.

Customer relations

BCC 95 Ltd. has created lasting trade relationships with leading companies in the furniture industry such as the Swedish giant IKEA and other Scandinavian companies – Martela, Totebo, Scapa, and Spaljisten. We have partners in Germany – Maja, HMW Moebel, and provide metal components to furniture producers in Germany, Romania, the UK and Canada.

The company is a trusted partner in delivering large quantities of custom metal components and assembled articles to its loyal contractors. We are continuously looking to expand our opportunities for successful business.